quinta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2006

Isto há com cada Mona...

Hoje recebi este email, no meu mail do portugalmail e não no do Imperial. Este é um caso para dizer "Perdão?!".

Dear Ms Santos,

I, Dr Mona Singh, am an International Medical Graduate from India. I write
to you to get information regarding the Ph.D course offered at The Imperial
College of London. I got your contact details off the school's official
website. I was hoping to get enrolled in the Fall 2007 Session of the

I have completed my M.B.B.S [Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery-
obtained a 1st Division] from one of the top medical schools of
India-JIPMER, Pondicherry, and am currently preparing for my GRE exam (to be
taken mid November, 2006). I have already taken my TOEFL (293/300).

I have always been interested in research but my attempts towards achieving
a career in this field have slackened due to my lack of experience here in
India. I have gone through the website of the school and I was very
impressed by the ongoing research and the facilities available for students
such as myself, giving enough flexibility to realise long term plans.

Though, I do not have much formal experience in Research per se, I just
wanted to know what my chances would be in getting into this
program; whether I would have to have already done research before beginning
a Ph.D . in U.K and whether a tuition waiver would be provided to all
candidates as Financial Aid would be extremely important. I had completed
my M.B.B.S in 2004 and since then have worked for a year in Kolkata,
India in the Dept. of Gastroenterology. There, I carried out an Audit on the
'Caecal Intubation Rates Achieved at regular Colonoscopies' and had started
data collection on a project on 'Clinical Presentation of Vitamin B12
Deficieny'. Unfortunately, I had to leave it mid way as I had to travel to
the U.K to take my PLAB exams. I cleared both the steps with good grades and
started an Observership in Colorectal Surgery at the William Harvey
Hospital, Ashford. Sadly enough, the new VISA rules came into existence and
procurement of a job became very difficult. Presently, I am preparing for my

I feel that one of the factors that might be considered 'borderline' in my
application would be a sound prior research experience.
I would be grateful if you could please help me out.

Hoping for a prompt and positive response, I do look forward to hearing from

Kind Regards,
Mona Singh.
New Delhi, India.